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CUTCO makes the perfect gift to purchase for family and friends.  Its been American made since 1949 with a Forever Guarantee.  Whether you buy a set of CUTCO knives or a single item it is sure to be used daily and appreciated for years to come. Here's some great gift ideas:

Clients/Employees: CUTCO makes the perfect corporate gift—quality, useful, and the best of its kind. Not many get to say they own the best, but CUTCO gifts can be logo engraved and fit just about any corporate budget. Give a gift that reflects the high standard in your product and services. Email me for information on corporate gifts and pricing discounts.

Grown Kids: Start the theme of 2pc gift set every birthday or Christmas. After the first year with CUTCO knives, they will be giving you a wishlist of more CUTCO items to purchase as a gift. Get 2-in-1 off your list and make it out to the couple! Male or female...people love CUTCO.

In-laws: CUTCO makes a very practical and classy gift for all ages. The older people get, the harder they get to shop for because they can either buy whatever they want or have it. CUTCO is an exclusive gift not sold in stores!

Newlyweds: What better time to start the clock to forever then gifting a set of CUTCO knives to a new married couple. It is defiantly one of the best gifts they will receive! Perfect gift that won't be tucked away, but used daily and cherished forever.

Parents/Spouse: Mom and Dad deserve the best too. They've worked hard all their life.  It's time to make their lives easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen. CUTCO is so helpful because it requires less pressure, sure to make time in the kitchen more relaxing.

Neighbors: The bottle of wine or pie only last a night, but an awesome CUTCO knife is sure to last and be loved at celebrations throughout the year. The most popular #1 item gift is the CUTCO Cheese Knife, aka Non-Stick Knife its amazing! It might be awkwardly received, its kinda' funny looking, but OMG its amazing on produce, cheese and so much more!

Guys: All males love tools what better than the tools for the kitchen, bbq or outdoors. The new CUTCO-KA-BAR Explorer is sure to be a favorite.

The nicest knife guy in town,

Julian Landry



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