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I'm so grateful to work with Cutco - an American company with terrific products and wonderful customers like you. We've had so many customers reach out and inquire about ordering, so they can support Cutco and the American economy. It warms my heart.

So, we've decided to run our Spring Sale as usual. Now through May 13th, 2020...

  • ·        20% OFF Knife sets in blocks, 6+ items, flatware sets, and set upgrades.
  • ·        15% OFF 3-5 items including baking tools, gadgets, sporting & kitchen knives, table & steak knives.
  • ·        10% OFF 2 items.

*Savings are available by placing your order directly through me or my team. Please contact me directly or Alicia at 512-214-1991.

If there's anything I can do to help, please reach out. I'm happy to answer questions, get you a price quote, or consult on which products might be the best additions to what you already have. Whether it’s for your own kitchen or for a gift, Cutco blades can be engraved to commemorate an occasion, personalize a gift, or brand a business.

On this site, you can browse products, read reviews, and watch Cutco videos. Looking for something for yourself or for gifts? Cutco has many options, and the people you give them to love getting a beautiful, quality product they'll have & use FOREVER. And they'll always remember YOU gave it to them. If you’d like help choosing the items to best suit your needs, or want a package price quote, please feel free to reach out to me personally.

Cutco Giveaways – Go to and sign up for my free newsletter, and you'll receive consistent how-to guides, recipes, and other kitchen tips which are designed to help you save time & have more fun in your kitchen. In addition, we’ll let you know in that newsletter how you can win free products.

Need your Cutco Serviced?  Click "contact me" in the top right corner and fill in your info and we'll reach out to help you get that taken care of.

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And finally, always remember, if I can be of any service at all, I'm only a phone call, text, quick click, or email away!!

For a quicker response, you can text me or reach our team at 512-214-1991.

Your Loyal Knife Guy,

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