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The only things blue this holiday are the decorations, because this is all about joy, giving, and fun. =)

I hope this season is everything you want it to be. 

If there is one thing I'm great at, it's brightening a season with Cutco...for you and gifts for your loved ones...and making sure you get an awesome deal when you're building your CUTCO Kitchen collection or being generous to others by sharing the gift of CUTCO!


Save 10% OFF 2 items

Save 15% OFF 3-5 items

Save 25% OFF 6+ items, Block Sets, & Set Upgrades

Save 40% OFF a Flatware Set with Chest

FREE Griddle included with Cookware Sets

*Discounts can be higher depending on the items
in your package. I’m happy to guide you to higher discounts where possible.

*Contact me to inquire about discounts on Cookware, Knife Sheaths, and Wellness Mats, as those are
slightly different. The offers above are only available through me -your Cutco rep.

Please contact me directly.


Offers good through December 31st 2018

I can be reached anytime on my cell (917) 583-1515 or via email at


Then friend me on Facebook and like/share my page "Wynning Edge Brand" to be entered into a monthly drawing.

THANKS and as always...STAY SHARP!

Need your Cutco Serviced?  Click "Request Sharpening" in the top right corner and fill in your info.  You'll be added to my list of people to contact and schedule an appointment with the next time I'm in your area. 

To see which events we'll be at (so you can stop by to see products, get show specials, or just say hello), click on the Fair & Show Schedule below. Call or Email to find which events where I will be personally.

Take a look at our NEWEST PRODUCT:

GOURMET PREP KNIFE-  This is the knife you never knew you needed. The thick, sharp blade easily tackles tough-to-cut foods, like turnips and sweet potatoes. It's comfortable, sure-grip handle gives you complete control. The hefty weight combined the famous Cutco Double-D Edge and a sharp point for penetrating hard outer shells has made this my New Favorite!

Always remember, if I can be of any service at all, I'm only a phone call, quick click, or email away!!

In appreciation,

Brandon "The Cutco Knife Guy" Wynn

(917) 583-1515

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