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Welcome and Thanks for Visiting

I hope your 2017 is going GREAT so far...I'm pursuing my biggest year ever again thanks to your support. 

The Holiday season is upon us and I'm running specials all the way to New Year. 

10% Off 1-2 pieces

25-30% Off of Block Sets

35% Off 67-pc Flatware Package

HOLIDAY BONUS OFFER - Refer a friend that buys at least $100 of Cutco and you get $50 of FREE CUTCO!


Need your Cutco Serviced?  Click "Request Sharpening" in the top right corner and fill in your info.  You'll be added to my list of people to contact and schedule an appointment with the next time I'm in your area. 

To see which events we'll be at (so you can stop by to see products, get show specials, or just say hello), click on the Fair & Show Schedule below. Call or Email to find which events where I will be personally.

Take a look at our NEWEST PRODUCTS :

WELLNESS MATS.  Best in class anti-fatigue mats.  Put them in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or anywhere else you stand for long periods.  They are durable, long lasting, beautiful, well constructed and come with a warranty.  See them in the ACCESSORIES section for more detail.

3" GOURMET PARING KNIFE. Wider stronger blade than a traditional paring knife but with a traditional compact length. Great for both peeling and paring in the air as well as slicing on the cutting board.

CAN OPENER.  Never buy another Can Opener again – this one is awesome and guaranteed forever!  Find in the ACCESSORIES section.

Steakhouse STEAK KNIFE - larger handle, large blade, just like you'd get in a restaurant.  Find in the TABLE KNIVES section.

Updated design Straight Edge SHARPENER - new carbide sharpening tips help grind an edge that's like new. Find in the ACCESSORIES section.

GUT HOOK Hunting Knife -  the ideal hunting knife for those sportsmen in your life. Find in the OUTDOOR section.

CUTCO/KA-Bar Outdoorsman Knife - a team effort by 2 of the greatest knife companies has resulted in this supreme camping and outdoor knife that will amaze you.  Know a knife collector?  No collection is complete without this one of a kind piece!  Find in the OUTDOOR section.

And finally, always remember, if I can be of any service at all, I'm only a phone call, quick click, or email away!!

In appreciation,


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